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Escape from your clunky or outdated paper-based nurse rounding tool! NEW PatientTouch rounding offers an effective way to improve patient safety and outcomes in one, easy-to-use iPhone app.

Benefits to your staff:

  • Only iPhone-compatible rounding tool
  • Positive Patient Identification (PPID) scanning from the iPhone’s native camera
  • One-touch access to real-time mobile rounding documentation and customizeable templates
  • Rounding workflows and clinical communication combined in one app, on one device
  • Measure success and ROI with robust analytical reporting
  • Track continuous quality improvement initiatives for better results
  • Proven integration with your EMR
  • One scalable and sustainable solution for clinical communication and workflows


Increase patient safety

  • Reduce occurrence of falls, pressure ulcers and other issues with a smart, checklist-like workflow that ensures safety checks are performed.
  • Uncover and proactively address patient needs with real-time dashboards and actionable patient-specific notifications to the patient’s care team.
  • Improve frontline team collaboration – and ultimately patient outcomes – with visibility to patient’s care team and secure, in-app communication pathways.


rounding screenshot2
rounding screenshot3

Improve patient satisfaction

  • Proactively resolve issues with purposeful rounding and clinical communication in one app (e.g. send secure messages to other members of the care team, to the housekeeping team, etc.).
  • Create positive patient experiences with one-touch access to patient context, allowing caregivers to personalize their hourly or executive rounding approach for each patient / family.
  • Quantify success and proactively identify issues – with trended and summarized patient satisfaction dashboards and reports.


Eliminate barriers to success

  • Offer staff the convenience of the ONLY iPhone-compatible rounding tool.
  • Improve compliance and timeliness with in-app reminders when activities are due.
  • Streamline purposeful rounding activities and prevent workarounds with Positive Patient Identification (PPID) scanning using the iPhone’s native camera.
  • Balance staff workload by staggering care team rounding schedules (e.g. even hours RN, odd CNA).


rounding screenshot4

Monitor progress for improved results

  • Quantify success with trended and summarized patient satisfaction dashboards and reports.
  • Track continuous improvement initiatives with nurse rounding compliance data and trends across the enterprise allow for effective tracking of continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Uncover opportunities to immediately improve a patient’s experience with real-time dashboards and reports.


Experience PatientTouch Rounding.

Increase patient satisfaction.
Attain improved outcomes.

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