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Driving Patient Activation for Smarter, More Effective Care Transitions

To respond to the needs of patients and caregivers, PatientTouch Coordinated Care provides a unique balance of technology and personal interaction that incorporates three essential elements into care management solutions: patient activation, care coordination, and patient insights.

What you will learn

PatientTouch Coordinated Care is a comprehensive patient activation and care coordination platform that makes it easier for hospitals and health systems to implement patient-centered care, improve outcomes and reduce costs.

  1. Unified Care Plan for the Whole Team – A unified, visible patient-centered care plan is the first step to consistent care.
  2. Patient Portal – With customizable Health Checks and patient information dashboards with longitudinal data, PatientTouch Coordinated Care builds healthy behavioral skills and promotes care-plan compliance.
  3. Individual Attention – Care Liaisons are highly- trained, non-medical professionals who use motivational techniques to help coordinate follow-up care and keep patients engaged with their care plans.
  4. Smarter Insights – Patient outcomes data can open doors to better healthcare decisions.