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Mobile Maturity Model in Healthcare Infographic

Over the past six years, healthcare has seen a dramatic increase in the volume of mobile devices in use in hospitals by staff and patients alike. The sweeping transition to these devices is forcing hospital technology and clinical leadership to respond with a more structured and purposeful approach toward mobility for the care delivery experience.

PatientSafe has developed a Mobile Maturity Model in Healthcare to provide hospital executives a common framework to:

  1.  Assess the current state of mobile adoption in your health system.
  2.  Align the various people, technologies, and processes to be successful with mobility at scale.

Giving you all of the key elements of the Mobile Maturity Model in Healthcare at-a-glance, be sure to download the infographic for insight into key results such as:

  • The 6 key capabilities for evaluating your organization’s mobile readiness.
  • The 5 stages of mobile maturity to map your strategy going forward.
  • 1 common framework to mobilize your people, technology and processes.

For a deeper dive into the Mobile Maturity Model in Healthcare, be sure to download and read our whitepaper.