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Empowering patient care plan compliance.

You’re dedicated to creating the best outcomes for your patients. PatientTouch Coordinated Care Solutions helps you achieve results by keeping patients on track with their care plans. This occurs through simplified, customized communication and coordination among patients, healthcare professionals, and family caregivers. These customized plans also reduce risk and help lower medical costs, while enhancing patient satisfaction and the overall quality of care provided.

See how PatientTouch Coordinated Care can improve the effectiveness of your care plans and outcomes.


Organize Patient Care

PatientTouch simplifies the hospital-to-home transition and communication to help reduce and avoid emergency care and readmissions. Personal care liaisons and easy-to-use software trigger alerts further ease the transition.

Optimize Care Flow

Certain patients need longer-term attention. That’s why we’ve developed a smart, versatile solution for ongoing care that guides patients on their journey to better health.

Engage Patients

Mobile applications and personalized check-ins from dedicated care liaisons of PatientTouch Coordinated Care help patients stay engaged with the care team and connected to their care plans.

Simplify Communication

PatientTouch helps your patients avoid illness. Care liaisons mentor patients in real time and, with the help of our PatientTouch Coordinated Care technology, streamline communication with the entire team.

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