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Unifying clinical communications and workflows in intuitive smartphone application built for the entire frontline care team.

Focus on the patient. Not the technology.

Get rid of the multiple hospital staff communication devices and applications that bog your clinicians down. Give them a solution that delivers real-time patient, care team, and clinical information right at the point of care. Free your care team to work the way they want to:

  • Connect instantly to all members of the assigned care team, including on-call.
  • Access assigned patient’s EMR and clinical data data securely from a text message.
  • Receive all relevant alarms, alerts, nurse calls, critical results, incoming texts and voice calls in one, prioritized inbox.
  • Add automated sepsis alerts, falls risk assessments, rounding, specimen collection and more – in the same app.

PatientTouch is a context- and workflow- driven collaboration platform that improves productivity and clinical outcomes by unifying communication with clinical workflows on a platform that’s built to scale with your enterprise.

A Platform Unifying Clinical Communications and Workflow

Unlike other communication solutions, the PatientTouch® platform consolidates secure messaging, voice calls, critical alerts, nurse calls and clinical workflows including rounding, specimen collection, assessments, nursing documentation and more — all in one mobile application, on one hospital staff communication device.

Developed to Apple UX standards and designed for the healthcare enterprise, PatientTouch moves with the natural flow of care to improve efficiency, patient safety and satisfaction. Our flexible, modular platform integrates with your current IT and clinical systems to meet your needs today and into the future.

Providing the features & outcomes you need

  • Clinical Communication

    Secure messaging, voice, alerts and nurse call integration in one app, on one hospital staff communication device, makes it easy for clinicians to communicate securely, share relevant patient and clinical data, and collaborate effectively.

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  • Clinical Workflow

    The platform integrates multiple clinical workflows to help frontline care teams deliver care safely and efficiently.

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  • Coordinated Care

    Personalized patient relationship management enhances patient transitions throughout the continuum of care and reduces hospital readmission.

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PatientTouch - Available Care Team List Screenshot

Experience PatientTouch for Yourself

  • PatientTouch - iOS Login Screen
  • PatientTouch - Inbox Screenshot
  • PatientTouch - Unread Message Screenshot
  • PatientTouch - Conversation Message Screenshot
  • PatientTouch - Message Detail Screenshot
  • PatientTouch - Patient Overview Screenshot
  • PatientTouch - Patient Prescription Medicine Screenshot
  • PatientTouch - Clinical Team Availability Screenshot
  • PatientTouch - Care Team Contact Screenshot
  • PatientTouch - Care Team Secure Text Message Screenshot
  • PatientTouch - Available Care Team List Screenshot
  • PatientTouch - Smart Lists Screenshot
  • PatientTouch - Care Team Listing Screenshot

Enterprise Manager

Enterprise Manager centralizes assignment of all users, roles, groups and telephony infrastructure across your health system. It provides direct integration with, and management of, your multiple PBX systems and synchronizes user accounts with Active Directory (AD).


PatientTouch Analytics provides dashboards and reporting for all communication solutions and clinical workflows you choose to implement.

  • Aggregate data across your entire enterprise or drill down into region, site, unit, individual user, and patient insights.
  • Monitor communication adoption, usage patterns, and policy compliance.
  • Track PPID compliance, specimen collection efficiency, and stat order response times
  • Identify high-risk patient populations and facilitate care team response


patientsafe and klas


Industry analyst KLAS cited PatientTouch as consistently one of the strongest platforms available for care team communication.

  • #1 in vendor-agnostic EMR interface deployments with 78% of our customers interfacing to their EMR†
  • #1 in quality of Implementation and Training across all vendors at Konfidence†
  • 100% of PatientTouch customers say we avoid charging for every little thing† – we’re focused on your success, not your wallet
  • 100% of PatientTouch customers would buy the platform again*
  • 100% of PatientTouch customers plan to incorporate it into their organization’s long-term plan*
  • 100% of PatientTouch customers trust that we keep our promises*

†KLAS Performance Report, 2017.
*KLAS Performance Report, 2016.

Experience PatientTouch for yourself

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