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PatientSafe Solutions Joins IHE to Advance Interoperability with Customer Partners

SAN DIEGO – July 11, 2017 – PatientSafe Solutions (PatientSafe), a leader in clinical communication and collaboration solutions, today announced it joins Integrating the HealthCare Enterprise (IHE) as a member organization, specifically focusing on IHE’s Patient Care Devices (PCD).

IHE, a well-established healthcare consortium, is an initiative by healthcare professionals and industry leaders to improve the way computer systems in healthcare share information. IHE promotes the coordinated use of established standards to address specific clinical needs in support of optimal patient care. Systems developed in accordance with IHE Profiles communicate with one another better, are easier to implement and enable care providers to use information more effectively. IHE’s PCD addresses the integration of medical devices into the healthcare enterprise, from the point-of-care to the EHR.

PatientSafe’s enterprise-grade care collaboration solution, PatientTouch simplifies the delivery of care by unifying communications with clinical workflows. PatientTouch is the only platform that embeds real-time patient and clinical context within secure messages. A Unified Inbox delivers all texts, voice and nurse calls, alerts, results and notifications prioritized for each member of the care team – uniting communication and clinical workflow in a single application on a smartphone. The scalable mobile platform integrates with existing EHRs, clinical and IT systems, telemetry, scheduling and telephony systems, and synchronizes user accounts with Active Directory (AD) to enable real-time routing of communications to the assigned care team.

Comprehensive point-of-care workflows, including rounding, EWS/sepsis, specimen collection, nursing documentation, medication administration, infant care, blood product administration, and assessments, are also available in the PatientTouch application. With these capabilities, PatientTouch orchestrates timely communication and action among physicians, nurses, front-line and ancillary care team members for quality patient care – resulting in real-time decision making, which improves efficiency and better clinical outcomes.

“PatientSafe provides a comprehensive solution for efficient communication and workflow across teams, shift changes, the patient’s care trajectory, and multiple facilities within the healthcare enterprise,” said Si Luo, president and CEO, PatientSafe Solutions. “Our IHE membership expands upon our vision for making the experience of care simple and effective, and we’re pleased to work together to improve interoperability in healthcare information systems.”

PatientTouch empowers physicians, medical specialists, nurses, administrators, and other care providers to share vital information seamlessly from system to system within and across departments and at the point of care. IHE and PatientSafe are improving the state of systems integration and removing barriers to optimal patient care.

About PatientSafe Solutions

PatientSafe Solutions (San Diego, California) obsesses over the experience of care to help care teams communicate and work together reliably and efficiently. PatientSafe delivers measurable safety and quality improvements through a mobile platform that extends an organization’s EHR, clinical, and communication infrastructure and fits seamlessly into care team workflows. The company’s context-driven PatientTouch® platform unifies communication with workflow by consolidating text, talk, alerts, EMR data, clinical workflows and customizable care interventions, all in one mobile app, on one device. For more than a decade, PatientTouch has helped clinicians both in and outside the hospital streamline care delivery, increase quality and lower costs.

PatientTouch® is a registered trademark of PatientSafe Solutions.
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