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Onslow Memorial Hospital Augments Clinicians Communication with PatientSafe’s One-Stop-Platform Solutions

This article was originally published by CIOReview.

SAN DIEGO, CA: Onslow Memorial Hospital, a non-profit hospital industry has adopted PatientSafe, a clinical mobility solutions provider for its advanced clinical workflow alongside extended care team communication applications that optimizes hospital industry’s workflow and also improves team collaboration and quality. The selection will successfully provide Onslow Memorial Hospital with enhanced communication results from its end service users.

“PatientSafe Solutions’ full platform is an impressive fit because it can significantly improve clinical collaboration and documentation, which in turn, improves patient care, safety and outcomes. We found a single device and application for the clinical team to better communicate with each other while also connecting to our existing technology,” says Autumn Foy, Director of Clinical Informatics, Onslow Memorial Hospital.

Onslow Memorial Hospital was at a hunt for single customized communication platform where they can enhance their clinician’s communications. The recent partnership stood up against the wireless phone requirement within the hospital premises. The hospital’s clinicians are now able to interact with their patients with Apple iPhone and other smartphones. They can even manage their device consolidation and workflow optimization by using smartphones.

Communication tools of PatientSafe offers a secured platform that includes HIPAA-compliant text messaging, voice communications, and alert management functionality. Its offerings also comprise specific user interfaces for nurses, physicians and ancillary care team members at the real time. The secure messaging option connects clinicians through multimedia message, image and audio. It maintains security compliance and improves patient safety as well. The voice communication offerings include place voice-over-WiFi calls in the same application. Its alert integration application easily integrates with industry’s existing alert systems. The assignment-based routing, alert escalation, and configurable alert behavior of the company track notification alerts of the clinicians. The company’s mView solution offers real-time accesses on patient’s info such as meds, lab results, and vitals data. The extended interface enables clinicians to view relevant patient related information throughout their communication.

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