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Craig Hospital Improves Clinical Workflow and Patient Experience with PatientTouch Communications and Mobile Alerts from PatientSafe Solutions

PatientSafe creates customized, integrated solution with Craig’s existing technology providers, Draeger and Connexall

PatientSafe Solutions, a leader in smart point-of-care mobile solutions for healthcare, announced today the implementation of clinical communications and mobile alert consolidation at Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado. In partnership with the hospital’s existing alarm technology providers, Draeger and Connexall, PatientSafe has created a customized, integrated solution with the PatientTouch mobile platform to improve workflow and patient experience.

“As a rehabilitation center specializing in spinal cord and traumatic brain injury, we are extremely focused on patient-centered care,” says Andrea Elmquist, Applications Manager at Craig Hospital. “We understand the importance of providing our clinicians with the right technology so they can better focus on patient care. When PatientSafe presented an opportunity for our team to integrate our current alarm system securely within the PatientTouch application we knew this would decrease untimely interruptions for our clinicians and improve our patients’ experience.”

To ensure the solution best fit the needs of Craig Hospital’s team environment, PatientSafe’s clinical team conducted an in-depth assessment to understand the strengths and weaknesses in Craig’s communication workflows. With this, PatientSafe was able to work with Draeger and Connexall to develop an integrated system that provides contextual alerting directly to the PatientTouch application.

Notifications of patient alerts such as out-of-range blood pressure, oxygen saturation and heart rate are now delivered directly to clinicians from the Draeger monitoring technology via open APIs. The alert is routed based on availability, care role, assignment, and priority to the appropriate clinician to avoid untimely interruptions and minimize alert fatigue.

“Instead of carrying multiple devices around the hospital, our clinicians can leverage a single device and one application for contextual alerts, secure messaging and voice communications, and referencing patient information,” says Elmquist. “This consolidation allows Craig Hospital to further improve our clinical workflow and provide a better patient experience.”

“The integration was the product of true collaborators dedicated to designing a solution that makes sense for Craig Hospital’s clinicians,” says Joe Condurso, President and Chief Executive Officer of PatientSafe Solutions. “This partnership allowed us to work with a world-renowned hospital, ultimately providing a solution to enable more patient-centered care delivery.”


About Craig Hospital

Ranked as a Top Ten Rehab Hospital in the U.S. for 26 consecutive years, Craig exclusively specializes in the rehabilitation and research of patients with spinal cord and brain injuries. Our patient outcomes are some of the best in the field of rehabilitative medicine. Craig Hospital is a private, non-profit, free-standing hospital licensed by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and is accredited by the Joint Commission. Craig Hospital is designated by the federal government as a Model System of Care for Spinal Cord and Traumatic Brain Injury. For more information, please visit

About PatientSafe Solutions

PatientSafe Solutions is leading the way in smart point-of-care mobile networks for healthcare. PatientSafe is dedicated to delivering measurable safety and quality improvements through mobile solutions that extend an organization’s EHR and clinical systems and fit seamlessly into care team workflows. The company’s flagship product, the PatientTouch system, delivers positive patient identification workflows, customizable care interventions, and clinically contextual communications to eliminate harm, reduce waste, and improve productivity

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