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Cognitive Nursing Workload and Leveraging Technology

Nurses’ cognitive workload is a point of concern for nurse informaticist Cheryl Parker, PhD, RN-BC, FHIMSS. Nursing Show host Jamie Davis got the chance to interview many influential health professionals while attending the ANIA nursing informatics conference this week in Philadelphia.


Cheryl is concerned that nurses already have so much they need to remember at any given time about their patients that the available technology is not helping them. This cognitive workload of nursing is an area that can contribute to mistakes and medical errors in care but technology could easily be leveraged to help nurses out. Our smart mobile devices are very good at remembering important facts, reminders, and deliver updates and notifications. Nurses should have the same access to these technological advantages at work that they do in their private lives at home.

Check out this discussion with nurse informaticist Dr. Cheryl Parker. She is the Chief Nursing Informatics Officer at PatientSafe Solutions.

This segment was recorded at the American Nursing Informatics Association 2015 Conference in Philadelphia, PA.

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