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Update Clinical Communication Strategy, Not Just the BYOD Policy

Step into most healthcare facilities and you will notice that while community physicians are openly using their smartphones, employed clinicians… Read more

Invest in Your Data

Healthcare quality and financial performance have never been more closely linked. And new clinical mobility data solutions provide an unprecedented means to further strengthen that linkage. Read more

Smartphone-Based Mobility for Nurses

Is a lack of wireless adoption by hospitals putting nurses and patients at risk?   In the fast-paced, complex healthcare… Read more

Joe Condurso of PatientSafe Solutions at mHealth Summit 2014

Joe Condurso, President and CEO of PatientSafe Solutions, discusses the company’s innovative point-of-care mobile solution, PatientTouch with Tom Sullivan, Executive… Read more

American Nurse Today

“Evolution or Revolution? Smartphone Use in Nursing Practice” Dr. Parker writes that smartphones can aid nurses’ clinical practice, but they… Read more

AONE, Voice of Nursing Leadership

“Using Mobile Technology to Support Nursing Practice” Integrating computers into nursing workflows at the point-of-care has been a challenge since… Read more
himss conference 2017

The Need for Context-Aware Clinical Communications

Contextual communication lightens cliniciansā€™ cognitive workload. Providers and caregivers need access to timely, relevant clinical information, and they should be… Read more

Point of care mobile health devices improve patient safety and satisfaction

The hospital environment has often been described as organized chaos ā€” loud, hectic and complex ā€” especially for nurses, who… Read more

Mobile Point-of-Care Devices

Medication errors, such as omission, wrong dosage and infusion rates, are among the most common mistakes that lead to longer… Read more
himss conference 2017

5 Steps to Improve Clinical Communications Using Enterprise Smartphone Solutions

Flexible communication systems. Integration of clinical data to give secure messaging context. One location for all incoming alerts and notifications.… Read more

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