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You’re passionate about providing your patients with the best care and enabling the best health outcomes for them. A lot falls on your shoulders: patient experience, quality, outcomes and productivity — and you need to work with other care team members to be successful. PatientTouch empowers nurses and clinicians to achieve results for your patients.


Built for clinicians by clinicians, PatientTouch is a collaboration solution that consolidates all of your work in one place, simplifying your day and delivering peace of mind. It unifies clinical workflows with communication, so you can do more, reliably.

PatientTouch makes it easy to:

  • Reach and communicate efficiently with physicians
  • Respond to and triage calls and alerts
  • Keep track of and prioritize your tasks
  • Organize and track rounding
  • Share relevant patient and clinical data with the right team members

What Our Nurses and Clinicians Are Saying

PatientTouch nurse inbox


“Our nurses love PatientTouch Communications. They have used it for a few years, and they don’t want to use any other system.”†

“Our nurses have 100% adoption. A nurse’s extension is tied to his or her user account. The extension follows the nurse no matter which [shared] device they are using.”†

— †KLAS Performance Report, 2017.

PatientTouch nurse features

PatientTouch includes a variety of features designed to streamline communication and put it within the context of your clinical workflow, including:

for nurses and clinicians Secure Messaging

Connect nurses and clinicians using multimedia message, image, and audio, while maintaining security compliance and improving patient safety via structured patient tagging.

PatientTouch - Conversation Screenshot
mview PatientTouch


mView streamlines communication and clinical decision-making by providing the assigned care team one-touch access to real-time patient status, medications, lab results, vitals, and assessments within the PatientTouch app.


Care Team Directory

You always know who’s assigned to your patients and if they’re available. Create groups and favorites to access those you work with frequently. Search for nurses and clinicians or providers by facility, floor, unit, role, or specialty. Access all assigned and on-call care team members with just one touch.

 Nurse Call

PatientTouch integrates with your nurse call system so you can receive alerts as a message, allowing you to quickly triage and take appropriate action.

for nurses and cliniciansAlert Integration

PatientTouch integrates with your alert systems to drastically decrease noise and alert fatigue as well as proactively alert the team of sepsis risk. Assignment-based routing, alert escalation, and configurable alert behavior ensure the right nurse or clinician receives the right alert in the right way. Sort-and-filter functionality helps you prioritize and triage.

rounding care interventions PatientTouch

for nurses and clinicians Rounding

PatientTouch allows you to schedule rounds for patients, assign care team members, and follow through with tracking. This feature reduces the occurrence of hospital-acquired conditions (HACs) and improves quality and patient satisfaction scores. It also improves management of your at-risk patient populations and response with patient/family and staff.


  • Real-time dashboards
  • Customizable rounding templates
  • Workflow-directed communications
  • Risk assessment enhanced rounds for specific care scenarios (e.g. Falls, Pressure C-Diff)
  • Handoff reports, including witness scan, documents assignment and handoff compliance


PatientTouch Handoff supports efficient, thorough, and safe transitioning of patients between departments and at shift change right at the bedside.

Positive Patient Identification using the smartphone’s native camera and a digital checklist enables mobile review of the patient’s status including health history, assessments, procedures, labs, vitals, and medications between one caregiver and another with the patient present.

    • The only iPhone-compatible hand-off tool that offers caregivers unparalleled convenience at the point of care
    • Digital checklists enable mobile review of the patient’s status including health history, assessments, procedures, labs, vitals, and medications
    • Integrated communications support streamlined care coordination
    • Softscan PPID of patient & receiving nurse ensures accurate, documented transfer of responsibility
    • Enables explicit patient responsibility and assignment management from outgoing to incoming clinician
    • Provides mobile access to patient context via EMR data access
    • Caregiver compliance reporting provides insights into practice and adherence


PatientTouch Documentation enables delivery and documentation of care intervention workflows right at the bedside from a smartphone. Digital checklists and scheduled task reminders standardize care delivery practice and facilitate more efficient documentation without compromising positive patient identification.

Documentation is updated back to the EMR in real time, enabling more timely identification of sepsis or patient deterioration, reducing hospital acquired conditions, bed ulcers and falls, and supporting patient satisfaction initiatives on pain and other patient concerns.

  • Checklists ensure accurate, timely capture of documentation of vitals, inputs and outputs, safety checks, ambulation, pain, falls risk, and other assessments
  • Scheduled interventions remind nursing staff of care and documentation tasks
  • Automatically initiate communication with other care team members from within Documentation workflows to streamline care delivery
  • Softscan PPID of patient and caregiver provides proof that care was delivered

 Specimen Collection

PatientTouch streamlines specimen collection workflows by delivering order notifications, documentation, and processing on a mobile platform. The PatientTouch configurable recruitment and escalation engine assigns urgent orders in a timely manner to improve safety, accuracy, and efficiency.


  • Real-time mobile draw list with automatic alerts and reminders for due specimen orders
  • Real-time integration with hospital lab systems
  • Fully configurable specimen collection processing consistent with hospital policy
  • Support for mobile, positive patient identification and sample labeling at the bedside
  • Management capabilities through dashboards and reporting
specimen collection PatientTouch 3.0

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