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Unifying clinical communication, workflows and documentation in a single app to maximize ROI and care team satisfaction.

As a CIO/CTO/I.T. professional, you need an integrated, scalable mobile platform that meets your clinicians’ needs today and positions your hospital for the future. And we believe we’ve got the answer you’re looking for.

What is PatientTouch?

PatientTouch is the only care collaboration platform that unifies communication with clinical workflows in one application, on a single device, for every member of the frontline care team.

PatientTouch combines secure messaging, voice, alerts, nurse call integration and clinical workflows like rounding, specimen collection, assessments and more in a single user interface to improve productivity and clinical outcomes.

PatientTouch allows you to break out of the cycle of single-purpose devices and single-point applications – an important aspect for a sound interoperability strategy. Unlike like simple secure messaging and platform communication vendors, PatientTouch unifies communication with clinical workflow from the ground up to deliver an enterprise solution that will grow with you. Select the modules you want to implement today then add what you need as you scale.

For more than a decade, PatientTouch has helped clinicians both in and outside the hospital streamline care delivery, increase quality and lower costs. We work relentlessly with you to ensure implementation and adoption are successful, so you and the clinical staff actually achieve the results you need.


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PatientTouch untethers your EMR, clinical and transactional systems by continuously aggregating patient and clinical data and delivering it to the care team on a single smartphone application to streamlining clinical communication and collaboration.

Our clinical-grade communication platform is designed for security, high-availability, scalability, and rapid deployment to physicians, nurses, and ancillary teams across the health system.

The single-application design supports shared device and BYOD users, and uniquely adapts to the each user’s care role persona and profile to deliver relevant patient, clinical, and care team context to the right person at the right time in all communications, alerts and notifications.

As a managed solution, PatientTouch streamlines implementation and eliminates on-going IT cost and maintenance burden without sacrificing health IT administrators’ access to the centralized management tools they need to deliver high-impact solutions and quality customer service to frontline clinical teams.

PatientTouch supports rapid deployment and lowers costs:

  • API’s automate EMR integration and offloads implementation and maintenance to vendors
  • Direct CUCM integration and automated extension assignment simplify deployment, dial-plan maintenance and on-going support
  • On call scheduling plug-ins for seamless integration with all major vendors
  • PatientSafe-managed rolling and phased upgrades, and multi-data center failover synchronization for high-availability
  • Centralized, role-specific deployment of AppLinks for seamless Inter-application workflows between PatientTouch & EMR applications.
  • Proven integration blueprints for all major Nurse Call, Monitoring, Dynamic Care Team Assignment, and Scheduling Systems.


PatientTouch streamlines collaboration and breaks down communication barriers.

  • Secure messaging, voice, alert and nurse call integration are available in a single app on a single device
  • Unlike other communication solutions, PatientTouch also delivers real-time patient, care team, and clinical context in secure messages to drive more efficient decision-making and safer care

Interoperable with your existing clinical, telephony, nurse call and patient monitoring systems to maximize return on each investment and reduce device and vendor management costs.

"PatientTouch Communications interfaces with our EMR, and anything that we document in PatientTouch Communications populates in our EMR. We do simple activities for input, output…and those things flow into our EMR."

†KLAS Performance Report, 2017.


Industry analyst KLAS cited PatientTouch as consistently one of the strongest platforms available for care team communication. It received high scores for supporting integration goals and delivery of new technology.

  • #1 in vendor-agnostic EMR interface deployments with 78% of our customers interfacing to their EMR†
  • #1 in quality of Implementation and Training across all vendors at Konfidence†
  • 100% of PatientTouch customers say we avoid charging for every little thing† – we’re focused on your success, not your wallet
  • 100% of PatientTouch customers would buy the platform again*
  • 100% of PatientTouch customers plan to incorporate it into their organization’s long-term plan*
  • 100% of PatientTouch customers trust that we keep our promises*

†KLAS Performance Report, 2017.
*KLAS Performance Report, 2016.

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