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Why Secure Texting Isn’t Enough

· Kim Tucker,

Secure texting is a topic seen frequently in the HIT world. Countless snippets about clinicians sending hundreds of thousands of text messages, wholesale pager replacements, and rapid adoption can be seen everyday in advertisements. But when is secure texting not worth the investment? This is the question facilities need to be asking.Clinical Communications Ecosystem

A major reason for the lack of adoption with secure texting solutions is a lack of understanding for the clinical communication ecosystem. Understanding the communication needs between members of the care team is critical to success.

In a recent white paper I developed, I explore the symbiotic relationships between the users, the physical environment, and the impact of workflows.

Setting expectations for success when implementing secure text messaging is critical. When crafting key performance indicators, make sure to look at the communication ecosystem of your organization.

Check out my white paper and leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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