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Treating Clinical Communications With Strategy; Beyond a Band-Aid®

· Kim Tucker,

clinician with phoneHospitals are successfully adopting more unified and future communications platforms versus applying first-aid, Band-Aid-style fixes to existing communication bottlenecks. PatientTouch® helps stakeholders to take a more holistic approach to clinical communications. Instead of adding to the clinicians’ device tool belt, all communications, alerts, and clinical workflow functionality are consolidated into a single, mobile application. Implementing a more strategic solution means collaborative system design.  Here’s how it’s done:

The first step is an in-depth clinical assessment with all stakeholders. Clinicians are shadowed and interviews are conducted to best understand the strengths and weaknesses of communication workflows. Devices are consolidated, eliminating interruptions caused by separate workflow and communications tools like pagers, computer workstations and multiple phones.

PatientSafe experts evaluate existing telephony, wireless, and alert infrastructure to ensure optimized delivery of voice communications and alert integration. Notifications of patient alerts are routed based on availability, care role, assignment and priority to the appropriate clinician, bypassing untimely interruptions and minimizing alert fatigue.

Today, with PatientTouch Communications, clinicians have full visibility into the patient’s assigned care team, secure text and voice-based communications, patient monitoring alerts, and full workflow documentation; all on a single app. The ultimate goal of PatentTouch deployments is to realize significant improvements in communications efficiency and reductions to in-workflow interruptions.

Learn how to communicate smarter and improve the efficiency and efficacy of care team communications.

Grace Hua is the Director of Product Management for the PatientTouch Clinical Communications suite. At PatientSafe, Grace focuses on designing intuitive technology experiences centered around clinical workflows as well as fighting company health initiatives with her delicious baked goods. More here: linkedin profile

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