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Reimbursement Continues to Drive Strategy

· Kim Tucker,

I spoke with HIMSS Media Executive Editor Tom Sullivan at the mHealth Summit about the “post-EHR era.” As we discussed, healthcare organizations nationwide have invested billions of dollars in EHR systems, but they have yet to efficiently optimize care design, transitions of care, provider hand-offs and leverage the data captured by clinical systems and EHRs to orchestrate workflows, people, process, decision making and improve clinical communication across trans-disciplinary care teams.

In order to achieve this, EHR systems require a point-of-care mobile technology overlay, like PatientTouch, which can securely liberate the information in a clinical context and guide workflows for clinicians. This means patient information can be effectively shared between providers and acted on when they need it, either at the point-of-care in healthcare setting or when the patient is pre-acute, transitioning care settings, or at home.

With the reemergence of quality, consistency in protocols and reduction of unnecessary care variation will be essential for healthcare organizations that want to succeed as accountable care, bundled-payment models, and other pay-for-performance programs begin to dominate the market post-reform. Bridging that gap and delivering context to clinicians at care interactions will result in more consistent use of accepted best practices across the hospital. Such care orchestration is possible because mobile tools bridge the digital divide between the physicians creating the order in the EHR and the downstream frontline clinicians delivering care to the patient.

These trends present an opportunity for hospitals and health systems that want to capitalize on their EHR investment for real, measurable care quality and financial results. The post-EHR era also presents a tremendous opportunity for mobile technologies like PatientTouch to serve these providers, not just in the United States, but also around the world.

Our complete discussion can be viewed here.

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