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PatientTouch Introduces New Enhancements for Physicians and Workflows for Nurses

· Steve Baum, VP, Products

enhancements for physicians and workflows for nurses PatientSafe is excited to announce the newest release of our PatientTouch platform.  In keeping with our commitment to providing value to the entire care team, and across your health system, we’ve got something for everyone – physicians, nursing and IT.

New On-Call Schedules and Privacy for Physicians
The expanded suite of secure communication tools further increases efficiency and simplifies care collaboration for physicians. Physicians can quickly log in to PatientTouch using biometric authentication and enjoy instant access to all on-call and assigned care team members and providers across the health system network. They can view their own, and other provider’s, current and future on-call schedules within the app, and contact providers currently on-call with just one touch. Physicians can also securely communicate with those who are not PatientTouch users via secure SMS paging, including partner providers from other health systems, patients, and their families.

Providers on BYOD can protect their privacy by customizing the phone number they want recipients to see when they make a call – displaying an office phone number or in-hospital extension, for example. All return calls are routed back to that number. With PatientTouch, physicians can also mask personal cell phone and pager numbers, yet still be accessible to all incoming calls without compromising privacy. For added convenience, physicians can indicate their preferred method of contact and current status to let others know the best way to reach them when in the office, on call, or in surgery.

In addition, physicians can view patient orders, problem lists, as well as meds, labs, vitals, I/Os within the PatientTouch app. An extensible plug-in enables any mobile view of the EMR a hospital wants to deploy. Integrated care assignment management and customizable notification options help prevent alert fatigue while ensuring the right providers receive important updates but aren’t interrupted by non-critical information.

Mobile-Enabled Clinical Workflows for Nurses
PatientTouch allows clinicians not only to communicate and collaborate on care, but to actually execute and document care delivery from within the app. The platform’s Handoff workflows support efficient, thorough, and safe transitioning of patients between departments and at shift change right at the bedside. Leveraging PPID through the smartphone’s native camera and a digital checklist informed by relevant patient data, handoffs can be standardized system-wide.

PatientTouch Documentation workflows enable capture of vitals, inputs and outputs, safety checks, ambulation, pain, falls risk, and other assessments from a smartphone right at the bedside. Digital checklists and scheduled task reminders standardize care delivery practice and facilitate more efficient documentation without compromising positive patient identification. Documentation is updated back to the EMR in real time instead of at the end of a shift, enabling timely identification of sepsis or patient deterioration, reducing hospital acquired conditions, bed ulcers and falls, and supporting patient satisfaction initiatives on pain and other patient concerns.

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