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PatientTouch Happily Haunts the Halls of Parkview Medical Center

· Kim Tucker,

halloween at parkviewWhen we found out that the Clinical Informatics team at Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo, CO was dressing up as PatientTouch for Halloween, we got on the phone with Jessica Salazar, Parkview clinical informaticist and former floor nurse, to find out more.

What inspired you to choose PatientTouch as your Halloween costume?
Our Clinical Informatics team is in charge of implementing technology that supports more efficient clinical processes and workflow best practices – PatientTouch is a big part of that. We’re proud of our PatientTouch implementation because it’s making a positive difference for our staff, physicians, and patients.

How is PatientTouch being used at Parkview?
Our clinicians and physicians use PatientTouch for texting and calling between care team members. The nurses and phlebotomists also use it for mobile Medication Administration and Specimen Collection.

How is PatientTouch helping with those processes?
Well, it’s convenient and really gives our nurses peace of mind. For instance, with medication administration, a nurse takes his smartphone into the patient’s room, scans the patient’s wristband and the medication, and knows that he has the right patient, the right medication, the right dose, and the right route. Our nurses can rest assured that they are going to safely administer medication every time. It’s the same with specimen collection. Our phlebotomists can be sure they’re correctly labeling specimens, because PatientTouch enables them to print specimen labels right at the time and place of the draw.

How does care team communication using PatientTouch impact your patients?
One important way PatientTouch improves patient care is by establishing a stronger connection between the members of the care team. Nurses and physicians live in separate worlds because they do completely different jobs. Having a simple way to securely communicate and collaborate helps alleviate that barrier.

For instance, PatientTouch is integrated with our clinical systems so it can provide relevant patient information to the care team. A nurse can send a quick message to the attending physician, “Potassium levels are slightly low, can you enter an order for potassium protocol?” with the patient tagged right in the text message. That gives the physician the ability to access the patient’s up-to-date clinical data from the text without searching somewhere else for the information he needs to make a decision. This example isn’t necessarily urgent, but it’s important for that patient’s care. Plus, a text message is much less intrusive than a call or page, so nurses feel more comfortable communicating with their physician. It opens the lines of communication and allows our nurses to really advocate for their patients, ultimately improving patient care and satisfaction.

Is Parkview looking to do even more with PatientTouch?
Yes, we’re constantly looking for ways to help our nurses and physicians – they do so much for our patients and PatientTouch makes their jobs easier.

Currently, we’re rolling out a trial of PatientTouch Nursing Interventions for documenting hourly rounds. When our nurses round at the bedside every hour, they will simply scan the patient’s wristband, document the five P’s – Pain, Position, Potty, Periphery, Pump – on their device, scan their badge, and they’re done. It’s so easy!

We’re also considering Vitals documentation with PatientTouch, which would automatically send the data to our Meditech charting system. We want to keep making processes as painless as possible for our nurses, and PatientTouch helps us do that.

Is there anything else that made the team want to dress as PatientTouch for Halloween?
Well, the customer service is amazing. We have weekly calls, and PatientSafe always works with us to overcome our unique challenges and integrate with our unique workflows.

Plus, every staff member from PatientSafe is so friendly and eager to help. It’s always a pleasant experience working with PatientSafe and I really appreciate that.

Contact us to find out more about how PatientSafe can happily haunt your hospital halls. 🎃

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