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PatientSafe Recognized by KLAS as one of the Strongest Enterprise Platform Options for Secure Care Team Communication

· Si Luo, CEO and Founder

clinician with phoneOur customers have spoken, and we’re delighted to be named one of the strongest platform vendor options available for care team communication in the 2016 KLAS Secure Communication Report. We are thrilled to receive this recognition from KLAS; but more importantly, we’re humbled by the overwhelmingly positive feedback and recognition from our customers, as evidenced in the details of the report.

This KLAS report gathered input from more than 200 organizations that use secure communication technology and examined which solutions have had the greatest impact on care team communication, have the highest levels of user adoption, and hold the key building blocks for a complete platform.

As a result of KLAS’s conversations with our customers, KLAS gave high marks to PatientTouch® Communications’ high level of enterprise-wide adoption, depth of clinically focused interfacing, and breadth of integrated clinical workflows. During the KLAS customer interview process, PatientSafe received the highest overall customer satisfaction score—an overall product profile of 92.3 out of 100. PatientSafe was also the only platform vendor to have 100% of its customers state they would purchase the solution again, along with 100% planning to incorporate the platform into their organization’s long-term plans.

A Persistent and Obsessive Commitment to Our Customers

While PatientSafe has nearly a decade of mobile clinical application development experience, the natural expansion into the still forming (and some argue still immature) clinical communication category is fairly recent. We pride ourselves in our core philosophy: “First obsess over clarity of purpose with our customers, defining what we want to solve together. Then, never move off of a customer project until true success has been achieved and acknowledged by the customer.”

Every customer implementation focuses first on optimizing clinical workflow, then on collaboration with IT and telecom stakeholders to deliver on their stability, scalability, and simplicity objective via easy-to-use administrative tools and integration  with existing infrastructure.

When it comes to clinical communication, we saw many first generation attempts result in limited functionality, low adoption rates, fragmented user experience, and unintended infrastructure complexity. While establishing a sufficient customer count to create a perception of scale, the classic approach of “get as many limited user pilots as we can, and count them as real customers” doesn’t allow for a true focus on creating the right solution that can be proven to scale.

We are proud to see that our philosophy and thoughtful process have paid off. We now have a proven solution for clinical communication, a refined method for implementation and customer success, and most importantly, enthusiastic customer partners who will continue to inspire us to reach greater heights. Here are a few customer comments that we were humbled and grateful to read:

“They are truly one of the best companies that I have worked with. They are completely responsive. …They are truly customer focused. I feel like I am their only customer.”

“In my decades of experience, PatientSafe Solutions is easily one of the top three organizations I have ever worked with in terms of how well we work together with them.”

What’s Next for PatientSafe

Recognition like this keeps us driving toward our mission to change healthcare communication as we know it today. And we remain focused on the future – we won’t stop until we’ve radically improved the entire care team collaboration experience.

We believe our industry deserves more than basic secure messaging products or a single-purpose communication platform software. Mobility strategy needs to be considered in full and for both the short-and long-term. A mobility strategy cannot afford to multiple short-term stopgaps or siloed solutions from clinical systems that inevitably increase complexity, fragmentation, and total cost of ownership. Consolidate, reduce, and simplify are our key tenets. It’s a challenge that will keep shaping our landscape in the next five years.

In short, Patientsafe will stay tenacious about being the industry leader in clinical mobility; extending beyond communication to enable clinical workflow and care coordination, and relentlessly making the experience of care simple and effective for everyone.

So on behalf of our whole leadership team, I would like to thank our customers, partners, and especially our dedicated team members for your support during this time of growth for our company. If you are on the journey to a comprehensive platform solution that has long-term value, we’d be delighted to get to know you. In the meantime, we’d love to show you what PatientTouch looks like in action.

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