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Nursing Communication Pain Points, Part 2

The EHR’s Impact on Nurse-Patient Communication While I love technology for what it can do for clinician workflow and for… read more
bring your own device

Nursing Communication Pain Points, Part 1

Much has been made about BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) communication strategies over the past few years. But the discussions have… read more

BYOD Brings Controllable, Secure Communications to Physicians

Which are you first, a doctor or a mom? Doctor and soccer mom, Dr. Nell Long takes her daughter to… read more
patient data points and secure texting

Breast Cancer, Nursing Informatics, and Genealogy

Last week, I was privileged to attend a HIMSS roundtable discussion on Preparing EHRs for Bioinformatics, a topic to which… read more
doctor and clinical communication

Don’t Squeeze the Doctor Between Urgency and Cognitive Error | Part 2

I. Deliver the Context A clinician, upon recognizing an issue with a patient, may seek the engagement of another clinician.… read more

My Patient Perspective: Got an EMR – So What has Changed for Me?

The number of facilities and provider practices with EMRs installed continues to rise – which is a good thing.  I… read more

Nursing Communication Part 1: A Trip Down Memory Lane

I was recently asked to write an article on smartphone usage by nurses (look for November issue of American Nurse… read more

Are Clinicians Struggling to Find Context?

Clinicians are constantly interacting with other clinicians, technical staff and support staff as they direct care of and directly serve… read more

Old Fashion Wisdom – Leah Curtin on Improving HCAHPS

When I was in nursing school – one of my role models was Leah Curtin.  Her practical observations, willing to… read more

Thoughts on Critical Thinking and EHRs

Several times in the last few months I have heard colleagues say that implementation of their EHR has negatively impacted… read more