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Smart Mobile Solutions Facilitate Safer Patient Transports

I was reminded of a hospital experience many years ago after reading ECRI Institute’s 2015 report about patient handoffs. Several… read more
clinical communication for nurses

Nursing-Centric Design and Clinical Communication for Nurses

This morning I started my day by reviewing an article entitled, “Nursing-Centric Technology and Usability: A Call to Action.”  One… read more

Medication Reconciliation Safety Concerns Linger Even With EHRs

Has the broad adoption of EHRs helped address medication reconciliation concerns? I was recently reading the ECRI Institute’s 2015 report,… read more

Alarm hazards as patient safety concern

Year after year, we’ve seen “alarm fatigue” ranked high on the ECRI Institute annual list of Top Ten Health Technology… read more
doctor and nurse talking

Social Connectedness & Asynchronous Secure Messaging

An Unexpected Benefit Think about what happens to most of you at work – you spend a portion of your… read more

Data Integrity as a Patient Safety Concern

In its two most recent annual lists of Top Ten Health Technology Hazards, the ECRI Institute pegged “data integrity errors… read more
clinical communication for nurses

Achieving Mobile Care Orchestration: How one hospital uses smartphones

Recently, I was privileged to participate in a webinar given by our development partner, Parkview Medical Center (Pueblo, CO). The… read more
clinical mobility and patient safety

4 Ways Clinical Mobility Protects Patients at your Hospital

At healthcare industry events, most of the discussions I hear typically concentrate on care quality performance and cost reduction. While… read more

Compassionate Care Part 2: Autonomy in the Acute Care Environment

This is my second blog on Press Ganey’s Compassionate Care™ model. In the last installment, I reflected on the shackles that… read more

Patient Centered Care: Is It Really That New?

Recently I gave a presentation and asked the audience – hasn’t the care we have provided always been patient centered?… read more