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coordinated care plan

An Improved Coordinated Care Plan: Does Technology Help or Hinder?

Enhanced technology for an improved coordinated care plan. PatientSafe Solutions provides technology solutions designed to help healthcare providers more efficiently manage… read more
smart point-of-care mobile

Mobility, Network Effects, and Smart Point-of-Care Mobile Solutions

Over the last decade, two technology adoption waves – rapid implementation of EHRs and pervasive adoption of smartphones– shook the Healthcare… read more
care-team communications

Build Your Best Defense Against Data Breaches with a Mobile Game Plan

During the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, many of us will likely spend some time watching football on TV, especially here in… read more
smartphone alerts telemetry

Telemetry Care: Cue smartphone alerts

On a recent visit back to the Pacific Northwest, I visited with a long-time friend and nursing colleague who is… read more
mobile drives patient engagement

Mobile Offers Engagement, Quality and Revenue-Generation Opportunities

Smart mobile solutions help clinicians deliver safer, higher quality care more efficiently in the hospital. But what about when the patient returns… read more
holistic approach at craig hospital

Communicate smarter, not just more often

Last week, we presented a webinar focused on designing clinical communications solutions that work for your clinicians. You can download… read more

Complex, Inefficient Workflows are a Cyberattacker’s Best Friend

Security measures and workflows that are too complex for clinicians to follow are major assets to cyber criminals who want… read more

Designing Clinical Communications – Part 1

How to meet Nursing, IT, and Administration needs In the process of designing clinical communications solutions, our product team constantly… read more
patient data points and secure texting

Why Secure Texting Isn’t Enough

Secure texting is a topic seen frequently in the HIT world. Countless snippets about clinicians sending hundreds of thousands of… read more
interoperability is key to HIT

Going Beyond Interoperability

I love epiphany moments! You know, that moment when your brain lights up with an obvious idea or as Urban… read more