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doctor with phone

Getting Serious About Smartphone Security

As CIO of an acute care facility serving Pueblo, Co. and 14 surrounding counties, my focus is to maintain safe… read more
smartphone security

Security Policies Q&A With Grace Hua

What is the current state of smartphone security in the healthcare environment? Smartphones streamline patient care and access to information… read more
effective care coordination

Connecting Providers and Patients through their Healthcare Journey with Mobile

Prompt and accurate data sharing with office-based primary care and specialty physicians after a hospital discharge is essential for effective… read more

MUSE 2016 – Sharing Stories

One of the my favorite things about conferences is the chance to share stories and learning from each other. I’m… read more
clinician texting order

May 2016-The Healthcare World Shifted on Its Axis and Almost No One Noticed…Yet

Ok, so maybe that is a slight exaggeration but The Joint Commission reversing its 2011 position statement on sending patient… read more
national nurses week 2016

2016 Nurses Week – Culture of Safety: It starts with YOU

2016 National Nurses Week:  Safety does start with each of us – in our own way. For those of us… read more
clinical communication for nurses

The Future of Enterprise Mobility is Here: What’s your strategy?

William Gibson, the award-winning novelist, coined the phrase “The future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed yet.“ The… read more

Clinical Communication: It’s about more than just the phone!

While working with my colleagues on several clinical communication go-lives in the past few weeks, it became very apparent that… read more

Platform Openness and the Art of Integration

At PatientSafe, we’re building a culture of openness—equally applicable to our company culture as it is to our product platform… read more

HIMSS07 to HIMSS16: The Long Road to True Clinical Mobility

Having returned from an exhausting but outstanding time at HIMSS16, I looked at a picture on my memory wall and… read more