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National Nurses Week 2018 – Moments Mean Everything

· Kim Tucker,

Celebrating Nurses Everywhere

nursesA nurse’s day is made up of moments that affect patients and their families. Critical moments that call for accurate assessments, astute judgment, critical thinking and timely interventions. Compassionate moments when a patient or a family member needs to be consoled, supported and encouraged. And tender moments that may include a smile, a reassuring touch or a pause in a busy day to hear about the patient’s granddaughter who just graduated high school.

But being tethered to WOWs (workstation on wheels) that need charging; burdened with multiple devices, pockets full of supplies and hand-scribbled notes to chart later; overwhelmed with alerts from cardiac monitors, IV pumps and call bells, robs nurses of those precious moments.

This week, especially, let’s remember that nursing is so much more than just performing tasks. Unless you have worked as a nurse, it’s hard to comprehend the stamina and mental agility the job requires. Nurses are the ones who observe patient behavior and monitor vital signs throughout a shift, listen to what a patient is saying, coordinate care and decide when to escalate findings to other members of the care team. Their ability to be innovative in their thinking, intuitive in their observations, and caring throughout deserves the highest respect.

In the care environment, we believe technology must enable these important moments, not detract from them. With PatientTouch, nurses receive patient context, real-time clinical information and immediate access to the extended care team in one app on their smartphone. There is more time for patient-centered moments when nurses have an intuitive, reliable technology in hand that seamlessly supports their natural workflow.

This week we say a very special thank you to nurses – those who have cared for us and our loved ones in the past, those who are going on or off-shift today, and those who may be caring for us in the future. We thank them for the moments they spend with us to make our lives better.

If you would like to learn more firsthand about how PatientTouch can give your nurses more of those important moments, stop by our booth #216 this weekend at ANIA18 or contact us at (858) 746-3322 for a demo. #NursesWeek #Nurses4HIT

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