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How mobile engages patients and clinicians at the forefront of HIMSS16

· Kim Tucker,

Empowering clinicians with smartphone technologyHIMSS16 is just days away from kick off in Las Vegas. PatientSafe will be there in full force and many of our team members plan to attend several of the 300 education sessions across a wide variety of topics. Some of the topics at this year’s event include: care coordination and population health; consumer and patient engagement; and clinical informatics and clinician engagement.

What strikes me about these topics, and most of the others that will be covered in this year, is how well mobile technology can help providers confront these challenges. It becomes more apparent at each HIMSS event how essential mobile technology is — and will be — to improve care quality, control costs, and manage patient populations. Here are just a few examples:

1. Care coordination and population health management

The essence of care coordination and population health management is ensuring patients understand and can adhere to care plans prescribed by their providers. In most cases, this means completing all scheduled provider appointments, taking medications as prescribed and committing to lifestyle modifications, which may include dietary changes and exercise.

Connecting with patients regardless of their location through their smart mobile devices can be a significant advantage. According to a recent study, smartphone adoption is growing at a rapid clip among older adults age 55 and older. Organizations can support patients in adhering to their care plan through daily smartphone app-enabled check-ins after a hospital discharge to ensure that the patient is safely recovering and understands their plan.

2. Consumer and patient engagement

Likewise, even when patients are not recovering after a hospital stay, organizations can increase engagement through patients’ mobile devices. There is significant patient demand for provider access through their mobile and other online technology. Even for preventive care and simple acute conditions, there exists a tremendous opportunity for providers to enhance engagement with existing patients and prospective patients through mobile.

3. Clinical informatics and clinician engagement

This is another topic at HIMSS16 that also aligns with how mobile is transforming healthcare delivery. Smart mobile devices have become the preferred method for clinical communication in hospitals around the country. In fact, many clinicians use their personal smartphones to communicate with care teams in spite of hospital rules against that practice. Because smartphones are so much more convenient and efficient for communications than the hospital’s EHR, or an antiquated pager or voice-over-WIFI phone, clinicians continue to use the devices and put hospitals at risk for a data breach or HIPAA violation.

By equipping these clinicians with a smart, mobile solution, they can communicate more efficiently and effectively while capturing data at the bedside. Timely data capture closer to where care is happening typically means the information entered into the EHR is more accurate and complete, protecting the hospital’s data integrity.

We hope you feel the same way about mobile technology’s impact on healthcare. To learn more, please visit us at booth #4257 during HIMSS16 and see how PatientSafe technology helps clinicians and patients achieve their healthcare goals.

We also invite you to attend the educational session, “Empowering Clinicians with Smartphone Technology” featuring Rosemary Ventura, director of informatics for NewYork-Presbyterian and our own Chief Nursing Information Officer Cheryl Parker. The two will describe how NewYork-Presbyterian Healthcare System eliminated specimen collections errors while improving clinical communication and information systems interoperability with smart, mobile point-of-care devices that were strategically implemented in phases and after achieving enterprise-wide administrator and clinician buy-in and collaboration. Hope to see you there!

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