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#PSA2017 Mobile Care Collaboration: Untethering the EMR to Improve Patient Safety

· Kim Tucker,

patient safety is our passionThe ECRI Institute just published the top 10 improve patient safety concerns for 2017 and number one is information management in electronic health records (EHRs). Dr. Lorraine B. Possanza, DPM, JD, MBE, program director, Partnership for Health IT Patient Safety, ECRI Institute said, “…the object is still for people to have the information that they need to make the best clinical decision. Health information needs to be clear, accurate, up-to-date, readily available, and easily accessible” (ECRI, 2017).

I was at a client site recently talking with nurses and physician providers about how to improve patient care. The request I heard multiple times was, “Just give me what I want when I want it! Give me the information I need to take care of my patient, when I need it, wherever I am, in a simple, easy-to-access format. Make the EHR work more like my smartphone.”

Wish granted.

During National #PatientSafetyAwareness Week, I’m proud that PatientSafe is leading the evolution away from deeply-embedded EMR content that is difficult to access and use to mobile-enabled workflow execution and clinical decision support. At PatientSafe, we’re obsessed with making the experience of care simple and effective – returning clinicians to the nature flow of care delivery that the EMR has disrupted.

We believe the key to better clinical outcomes, and care team satisfaction, can only be achieved with a solution that unites clinical communication with critical workflows in one smartphone application. Our PatientTouch platform does just that, and provides relevant patient, clinical and care team data in-message and in-workflow so care teams have the information they need, when they need it, to deliver more efficient, safer care.

To learn more, read how my nursing informatics colleague, Autumn Foy, is improving patient safety and clinician satisfaction at Onslow Memorial Hospital.


Before installing PatientSafe, Onslow Memorial Hospital clinicians used as many as eight clunky, inefficient devices during their shifts. Read to find out what happened after the installation.

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