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Informatics Nursing and Product Roadmaps – Getting from Here to There

· Kim Tucker,

A unique part of my role is helping to create products that will support the work of nurses/clinicians and improve patient care.  One of the most enjoyable endeavors (at least to me 🙂  ) is working with cross-functional teams to produce product roadmaps. A product roadmap is an overall view of a product’s requirements and a valuable tool for planning and organizing the journey of product development1.  In other words, where is the product today and what do we want it to be in 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, etc.

Picture this, a big table with engineers, product managers, sales & marketing folks…the CMIO and me.  And you might be asking yourself what would an informatics nurse have to bring to this discussion?

Well, this is where many of the functional areas defined by the ANA in the Scope and Standards for Nursing Informatics come into play.  Let’s look at a few:

  • Analysis – bringing my understanding of the various workflows and how they would be impacted by product design
  • Compliance – are there any regulations or standards that need to be considered that haven’t been
  • Consultation – being the “voice of the nurse” and asking questions i.e. does this change impact anything that will affect our clinical users?
  • Coordination, Facilitation, and Integration – serving as the liaison between our design teams and those who will use our products

This last area is the best part of my role.  I, along with other nurses from our team, visit facilities across the country to work with clinicians who use our products – to learn from them so we can continue to design products to best meet their needs.  Just this past week, I was privileged to visit with the staff at Jane Phillips Medical Center in Oklahoma.  Not only did I get to see staff members using our products but they provided some excellent ideas for improvements.  As one nurse told me – her PatientSafe device is her BFF.

My nursing practice may no longer be caring for individual patients but I am thrilled that my efforts, along with all of my co-workers, will help provide quality products for those of you providing direct patient care!


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