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How To Improve Your Home
Wi-Fi Network

· Heather Stevens, Sr. Marketing Manager

An Easy-to-Use Guide for our Community of Family and Friends

Download How to Improve Your Home Wi-Fi Guide from PatientSafe Solutions and Clinical Mobility

In early March, Jim Magnusson, PatientSafe’s Healthcare IT Solutions Architect, and his peers at our partner company, Clinical Mobility, began experiencing a rapidly rising influx of requests for in-home Wi-Fi network help from friends, family, and colleagues. Repeatedly, the team of Wi-Fi experts saw the same problem — overtaxed home networks that were simply not designed to support sheltering in place needs. Multiple family members using Wi-Fi simultaneously, new office spaces, and an increase in video conferencing, in addition to online education needs, were overwhelming current home configurations.

Download Now: How to Improve your Home Wi-Fi Network Guide

The team realized that while they could address the problems their friends were experiencing, there was a prevailing lack of understanding about the underling issues, tools, and processes to enable analysis and problem solving. While there are multiple sources of basic how-to instructions, the important information about why your home network isn’t performing optimally is hard for the layman to find. 

“The vast majority of people we helped had inadequate wireless coverage due to the size or layout of their home. Poor placement of Wi-Fi routers was another common issue,” said Jim Magnusson.

“Most home users have very few resources to help them troubleshoot their Wi-Fi network and equipment. The tech support experience with Internet Service Providers can be frustrating. We wanted to provide a more efficient path to troubleshooting and resolving issues,” said Bryan Totten, VP Engineering, Clinical Mobility.

After helping several people, the team proactively decided to scale their knowledge to our larger community of family and friends. So they created How to Improve your Home Wi-Fi Network. We hope it will help you understand how your in-home network works, how to test it, and what to do if you aren’t receiving the performance you need. Please pass it on to anyone you think might find it useful!

“COVID response has fast tracked a new normal. Telehealth, telecommuting, and video collaboration are here to stay,” said Shawn Jackman, CEO and Founder, Clinical Mobility. “Reliable Internet connectivity is the required underpinning to successfully work and learn remotely. Today, house-wide Wi-Fi is no longer a nicety, it is a necessity.”

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