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Celebrating Independence from Alarm Fatigue

· Kim Tucker,

I love the 4th of July. Gathering with family and friends, picnics on the beach and backyard barbeques — what is it about being outside that makes food taste so good? –- and going to see the fireworks. Spreading out a blanket, easing into that lawn chair, perhaps grabbing a cold beverage, and quiet conversation as the sun goes down. The anticipation in the air as dark settles in, the crowd holding its collective breath… Then, BOOM! And we’re off, sharing a dazzling, eardrum-pounding display. Nothing like it. Doesn’t matter if it’s your Dad or a team of pyrotechnic professionals, the show’s always great. Fireworks are my favorite.

alarm fatigue solved with PatientTouchThen I moved within earshot of the San Diego County Fairgrounds. Now, for 45 minutes for four nights in a row, I hear the booming, banging, zipping, crackling, witch-whistling, soundtrack-blaring show. About halfway through the second night, I tune it out. Don’t hear a thing. (Well, except for those really loud ones at the end that make your chest vibrate. Love those.). The experience brought to mind all the binging, beeping, buzzing, ringing, and multi-colored light-flashing nurses deal with for a full shift, every single day. For their perseverance, I salute them.

But, why not declare independence from the cacophony?

By integrating with your existing alert, alarm, middleware, and nurse call systems, PatientTouch liberates the care team from the tyranny of excessive noise and distractions. Alerts, alarms, and nurse calls are delivered to the assigned clinician’s Unified Inbox, prioritized by urgency for quick triage and action. Nurse call integration allows nurses and the rest of the care team to properly and efficiently respond to patient requests, at the right time, with the right context, wherever they are, simply and easily from their smartphones. The result? PatientTouch units and floors are quiet; patients can rest, clinicians can focus, and satisfaction improves for both.

Fireworks are still my favorite. But unnecessary noise on the unit is not. This 4th of July, PatientSafe celebrates our hospital partners’ freedom from alarm fatigue. Have a safe and happy holiday.


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