• $4.1 Billion healthcare costs saved by hospital improvements in patient safetycare coordination solutions for doctors
  • +33% increase in patient volume in hospitals with patient satisfaction in the 90th percentile
  • 20 minutes average in-office primary care doctor wait time
  • 67% of adults who want more online access to medical providers

Key to unlocking patient satisfaction: COMMUNICATION

Face-to-Face Visit:

  • Provide clear information
  • Involve the patient
  • Listen to questions
  • Don’t appear rushed
  • Personalize the experience
  • Understand patient cues
  • Utilize patient support system


  • Share relevant research
  • Answer general patient questions
  • Patient portals
  • Online appointments
  • Simple health management tools
  • Offer easy access
  • Encourage healthy socialization


  • Communicate wait times
  • Manage visit expectations
  • Handle patient concerns
  • Friendly demeanor
  • Use people’s names

PatientSafe Solutions provides care coordination solutions for doctors which engages patients in their own care. Our goal is to give every patient access to providers and top-quality healthcare communication.

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