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Employee Innovation Profile: Protecting Your Critical Communication Resources & Time

· Heather Stevens, Sr. Marketing Manager

New Robocall SPAM Blocking Feature Puts Hospitals First

Craig Richter, Telecom Solutions Manager, PatientSafe Solutions

Craig Richter, Telecom Solutions Manager

Craig Richter, PatientSafe Telecom Solutions Manager, recently received a call for help from one of our customers as they were adding thousands of new extensions to their PatientTouch platform. His innovative response to their problem not only addressed the core issue, but also introduced a valuable feature that saves time for PatientTouch clinical users. All of our customers and end users can now benefit from this innovation to safeguard against Robocall distractions and time waste.

The Problem

A health system had added ~5,000 new extensions to expand PatientTouch more broadly in their organization. Before the extensions were even assigned to any care roles, or in use, there was a massive influx of calls to those new numbers. The cause? Robocall SPAM. 

The Solution

Craig quickly researched the issue. Leveraging the FCC’s issuance of the Hospital Robocall Protection Group and the FCC’s database of SPAM phone numbers, he built a query to check all incoming calls and block any that appeared in the FCC database. In addition to blocking the call, PatientTouch sends a “Number Disconnected” message back to the caller so the spammer doesn’t change their outbound phone number and continue to attempt to call. This prevents Robocallers from keeping the hospital extension in their list of “Answered” calls and passing it along to another spammer as a valid number.

In addition, Craig added functionality to enable clinical end users to add SPAM numbers on the fly from their smartphone, to remove numbers from the SPAM list, and to confirm if a phone number appears on the SPAM list. 

The Impact

In just two weeks, one of our customer health systems using this feature blocked 32,000 Robocalls, saving the care team precious time and avoiding needless distraction.

The above image illustrates the volume of calls per day entering the health system’s phone system from outside callers, and the high percentage blocked based on the FCC SPAM list.

We want to recognize and thank Craig for his ingenuity that resulted in PatientSafe delivering unexpected value to our clients. Our Technical Operations team came up to speed on the solution quickly and has incorporated it into our toolkit to ensure that we always put our clients first.

Along with the entire PatientSafe organization, the Technical Operations team understands that these are not normal times and caregivers are under an inordinate amount of stress. We are committed to ensuring a trouble-free communication platform, so care teams can focus on what matters most — providing care for patients.

Interested in learning more about this feature and other COVID-19 response innovations? Contact your Customer Success representative, or email us at

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