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The 3 Keys to Unifying Clinical Communications and Workflow

· Kim Tucker,

clinical mobility IT tip sheetSelecting the right technology solutions to meet your organization’s needs now and into the future is a monumental task. In rapidly evolving domains like clinical communication and collaboration, the job becomes more complicated as early-stage solutions peter out, vendors clamor for your attention with claims that may (or may not) be proven, and new stakeholders enter your decision-making process.

At PatientSafe, we’ve seen that the most successful mobility implementations involve a cross-functional team of IT, telephony, networking, informatics, physician and nursing leaders. Clearly outlining and prioritizing needs and goals for each group creates a firm foundation for your mobility strategy. Then it’s time to build your solution requirements checklist. To help you do just that, we’ve created a tip sheet for selecting a workflow-driven clinical communications platform today that will serve you in the years to come. The 3 Keys to Unifying Clinical Communications and Workflow discusses:

  1. The integration and system extension capabilities you should expect. Can the solution aggregate all communications, alerts, nurse calls and clinical data efficiently, securely and comprehensively? Does the new investment extend current systems or do you need to replace them?
  2. How to determine if the solution delivers meaningful, quickly actionable data to end users and administrators alike.
  3. How to assess the scalability of the solution. Which care team members and roles will use the application, what about ancillary team members? How will new users and facilities be set up and managed? And what are the cost implications?

Download the 3 Keys. For a deeper dive, download the full whitepaper.


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