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From Telemedicine's Break-Out Moment to a Virtual Team-Based Care Future

From Telemedicine’s Break-Out Moment to the Virtual Team-Based Care Future

The explosion in the use of telemedicine technology during the COVID pandemic presents an unprecedented challenge, and opportunity, to define the future of virtual, team-based care for the new normal of dual-system care. read more
Steve Baum, SVP Product at PatientSafe Solutions

COVID Care Demands More from Communication and Collaboration Platforms

Health systems continue to rapidly innovate as they respond to the pandemic. We share how one of our customer hospitals is using PatientTouch to expedite care collaboration, reduce the spread of infection, and manage patients who require isolation. read more
Download the How to Improve your Home Wi-Fi Guide from PatientSafe Solutions and Clinical Mobility

How To Improve Your Home
Wi-Fi Network

The transition to remote work has led to overtaxed home Wi-Fi networks. Our guide will help you understand how your in-home network works, how to test it, and how to improve it. read more
Rob Bauer, Sr. Project Manager, PatientSafe Solutions

Fine-Tuning VoIP over Wi-Fi
for Quality and Reliability

Delivering reliable voice performance over Wi-Fi in an acute care setting is a complex undertaking critical to Clinical Communication and Collaboration platform success. read more

Employee Innovation Profile: Protecting Your Critical Communication Resources & Time

A recent innovation, spearheaded by Craig Richter, PatientSafe Telecom Solutions Manager, enables PatientTouch customers and end users to safeguard against Robocall distractions and time waste. read more

Expediting Nursing Communication with New Extended Care Models

PatientSafe Solutions’ and Zebra Technologies’ nursing leaders put their heads together to posit solutions to the emerging extended care models COVID-19 requires. read more

From the Front Lines of COVID-19

To facilitate information sharing across our customer base and the healthcare industry at large, we summarize feedback gathered from multiple health system clients significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. read more

PatientSafe Launches COVID-19 Resource Center, Innovation Community

Si Luo discusses the importance of rallying multiple communities to develop solutions for the clinical communication, coordination, and workflow challenges COVID-19 brings. read more
Si Luo, CEO and Founder of PatientSafe Solutions

The Power of Community in
Times of Crisis

PatientSafe’s CEO speaks to the importance of community in responding to the COVID-19 crisis. read more

Closing the Loop on Communication in the Care Environment

I am naturally drawn to pattern recognition. It’s my thing. It’s what I leaned on while independently consulting in clinical… read more