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When communication and clinical workflows are unified, the care experience is transformed, enabling care teams to deliver better results.

PatientTouch is the only solution that enables both work and communication in a single application. From rounding to specimen collection to care interventions and more, PatientTouch streamlines workflows to improve productivity and clinical performance.

Watch how PatientTouch helps clinicians deliver safer, more efficient care.

 Specimen collection

PatientTouch streamlines specimen collection workflows by delivering order notifications, documentation, and processing on a mobile platform. The PatientTouch configurable recruitment and escalation engine assigns urgent orders in a timely manner to improve safety, accuracy, and efficiency.


  • Real-time mobile draw list with automatic alerts and reminders for due specimen orders
  • Real-time integration with hospital lab systems
  • Fully configurable specimen collection processing consistent with hospital policy
  • Support for mobile, positive patient identification and sample labeling at the bedside
  • Management capabilities through dashboards and reporting

 Medication Administration

Fully configurable prompts and alerts built directly into the workflow make it easier to stay compliant with medication administration protocol. First-dose education and maximum dose alerts are proven to increase patient safety and satisfaction.


  • Mobile barcode medication administration
  • Automated workflows configured to hospital policies and procedures
  • Medication-related clinical prompts for collecting, reviewing, and documenting key patient information at the time of, and as follow up to, medication administration
  • Real-time notifications of upcoming and late administrations and medication-related follow ups
  • First-dose medication education and documentation

 Blood Product Administration

PatientTouch enables positive patient identification for transfusion safety management. Blood bank staff match blood samples with the correct blood products, and nurses can ensure transfusion of blood products to the right patient.

 Infant care

Breast milk and crib matching ensure the safety of mother and baby throughout their stay. Breast milk collection labels for in-hospital or home collection free up mothers and clinicians to focus on the newborn.


  • Supports mother/baby/milk identification and matching at feeding/collection
  • Reduces errors of milk labeling
  • Supports in-hospital and home milk collection and labeling
  • Configurable collection and documentation workflows
  • Supports baby matching to mother, crib, and authorized visitors

 Care Interventions

PatientTouch enables mobile documentation of high frequency, short duration assessments and procedures. Real-time documented interventions, such as vitals, pain assessments, and falls risk make it easier for the clinical care team to stay apprised of patient status.


  • Multi-disciplinary care plan execution assigns RN, CNA, and RT care roles to ordered interventions, vital sign collection, intake/output and dietary collection, hourly rounding, and patient assessments
  • Mobile execution of intervention orders
  • Respiratory therapy workflows deliver safe, effective patient care while staying deeply connected with clinical staff
  • Insight into frontline care delivery processes improves quality through on-time performance improvement initiatives


PatientTouch allows you to schedule rounds for patients, assign care team members, and track compliance. This workflow reduces occurrence of hospital-acquired conditions (HACs), improves quality and patient satisfaction scores, and allows management of your at-risk patient populations.


  • Real-time dashboards
  • Customizable rounding templates
  • Workflow-directed communications
  • Risk assessment enhanced rounds for specific care scenarios (eg, Falls, Pressure C-Diff)
  • Handoff reports, including witness scan, document assignment and handoff compliance.

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