Full suite of clinical workflow modules delivered with an intuitive mobile application to help you deliver better patient care.

Clinicians communicate to collaborate around patient care. Our approach is to intuitively design this collaboration into the clinical workflow so clinicians can easily determine the who, what, when, and how of communications for better patient care. All delivered on one application with the peace of mind of security and compliance.   

PatientTouch Specimen Collection

Specimen Collection

Transform specimen collection workflows by delivering order notifications, documentation, and processing on a mobile platform. With our configurable recruitment and escalation engine, we ensure that urgent orders are assigned in a timely manner to improve safety, accuracy, and efficiency.


  • Real-time mobile draw list with automatic alerts and reminders for due specimen orders
  • Real-time integration with hospital lab systems
  • Fully configurable specimen collection processing consistent with hospital policy
  • Support for mobile, positive patient identification and sample labeling at the bedside
  • Management capabilities through dashboards and reporting 
Specimen Collection
Medication Administration

Medication Administration

Adhere to the rights of medication administration with fully configurable prompts and alerts built directly into the workflow. Features such as first dose education and maximum dose alerts have proven to improve patient safety and satisfaction. 


  • Mobile barcode medication administration
  • Automated workflows configured to hospital policies and procedures
  • Medication-related clinical prompts for collecting, reviewing, and documenting key patient information at the time of, and as follow up to, medication administration
  • Real-time notifications of upcoming and late administrations and medication-related follow ups
  • First dose medication education and documentation
PatientTouch Medication Administration
Infant Care

Infant Care

Ensure the safety of mother and baby throughout their stay with breast milk and crib matching. Provide peace of mind with breast milk collection labels for in-hospital or home collection.  


  • Supports mother/baby/milk identification and matching at feeding/collection
  • Reduce milk labeling errors
  • Support in-hospital and home milk collection and labeling
  • Configurable collection and documentation workflows
  • Supports baby matching to mother, crib, and authorized visitors
PatientTouch Infant Care
Care Interventions

Care Interventions

Our interventions engine delivers mobile documentation of high frequency, short duration assessments and procedures. Documented interventions such as vitals, pain assessments, and falls risk are updated in real time to facilitate patient status awareness across the care team. 


  • Multi-disciplinary care plan execution to assign RN, CNA, and RT care roles to ordered interventions, vital sign collection, intake/output and dietary collection, hourly rounding, and patient assessments
  • Mobile execution of intervention orders
  • Respiratory therapy workflows to deliver safe, effective patient care while staying deeply connected with clinical staff
  • Insight into frontline care delivery processes to improve quality through on-time performance improvement initiatives
PatientTouch Care Interventions


Duplicative Order Reduction
decrease in STAT order to lab time
Duplicative Order Reduction
20% reduction in duplicative lab orders
Time reduction
per nurse per shift saved on documentation and coordination

A Day in the Life

Watch how clinical mobility across the clinical, ancillary, and IT staff centralizes data capture, information access, and clinical communications in one application, on one device. The PatientTouch mobile platform helps clinicians deliver safer, more efficient care.

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PatientTouch Clinical Communications is the only secure, HIPAA-compliant, contextual collaboration solution designed by clinicians for healthcare communication.