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You are dedicated to providing comprehensive care to your patients, ensuring patient safety and improving outcomes. We empower you — and your entire team — to achieve these results.

What is PatientTouch?

PatientTouch thinks the way you do and simplifies the way you work. Built for clinicians by clinicians, PatientTouch is the only workflow-driven communication platform that delivers relevant, real-time patient and clinical information in messages so you can be confident that your teams are providing safe, quality care to patients.

PatientTouch Physician Uses

PatientTouch includes a variety of features designed to streamline communication between physicians and their teams and place it within the context of your clinical workflow.

Secure Messaging with Patient and Clinical Context

Physicians stay connected using text messages that contain images, and audio. Patient tagging gives context to texts, helping ensure the right information is shared to support safe, efficient, and actionable care, while maintaining security and compliance and improving patient safety. In addition, you can access patient records and care team information in a single click.


 One-touch to Relevant Patient Data — mView

mView streamlines clinical decision-making by providing the assigned care team one-touch access to real-time patient status, medications, lab results, vitals, and assessments from any secure message.


On Call Scheduling — Two Options

If you have an on call scheduling system, PatientTouch can integrate with it.  If you don’t, PatientTouch’s dynamic, role-based assignment capability is your on-call scheduling system. In both cases, PatientTouch provides real-time, on-call coverage assignment and adjustments to physicians so you always know who’s available, and you’re free to enjoy your well-deserved personal time.

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