It’s Time for a New Approach

As patient care technology continues to evolve, point-of-care communication systems are becoming a necessity in order for clinicians to provide exceptional care.

Leading hospitals are already investing in cost-effective platforms instead of building on top of inadequate legacy systems. Embracing future-ready technology not only improves patient care and lessens workplace stress, but it also prepares the clinical environment for new developments in communication approaches.

The PatientTouch platform includes a set of integrated clinical modules to bridge the gap between information systems and the care team.

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Point-of-Care Workflow Intelligence

  • Bridge gaps in communication
  • Improve collaboration and coordination to decrease mistakes and delays
  • Improve patient outcomes and satisfaction
  • Unify processes, systems and devices
  • ePHI and HIPAA securities are not put at risk
  • Reduce time nurses spend on clerical activities
  • Increase time spent on direct patient care activities
  • Reduce costs associated with medical errors and longer hospital stays

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PatientSafe Solutions has mobilized clinicians and redefined clinical workflows for more than a decade. We are committed to the transformation of care delivery through the convergence of consumer mobile technologies and enterprise clinical systems. With intuitive, mobile-enabled workflows, we can build on existing EHR infrastructure to drive measurable results across patient safety, clinical quality, and care team effectiveness.

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